Renewable Energy-Climate Change

Renewable energy is one of the best tool humans can have during the climate changeWind energy and solar energy have already proven their worth in markets when fuel resources suddenly go offline. Climate change could really have a million negative impacts on the environment. Production of electricity is one of the major components causing damage to the environment. It has been found that 40% of the CO2 pollution in US is just due to the power plants burning fossil fuels. In this regard Renewable Energy can minimize the carbon pollution and also has a much lower impact on our environmentSolar energy is easily accessible if you have space and sunlight and solar panels do not release emissions as they generate electricity. Solar energy or renewable energy will be available on earth as long as the earth exists. As technology advances in this sector the cost of management will fall. The recent advancement in the field of solar power is batter back-up solar panels which are the attraction of eye to the buyers. Thanks to the battery back-up solar systems, now it does not matter whether the sun is shining in the sky or not.