Extreme Weather and Adaptations

Different adaptations have been adapted by different countries with respect to their severity. Many of the societies have come forward to bring changes by starting a new technique to adapt the climatic changes. Here is the list of few of the adaptations that have been studied. Few of the initiatives starting from a small-community project to huge projects that are being supported by the government. Rain Garden Financing Program in Lake Simcoe region, by promoting the growth of rain gardens in public societies and residential areas so as to overcome the problem of flooding during heavy rainfalls. An adaptation developed by Toronto and Switzerland was developing roof top greenery. The cities were given funding from the government to maintain a roof top with greenery since 2002 to lower the rate of consumption of energy and to enhance the biodiversity. One of the best electricity and power saving adaptation was Waterfront district energy system developed by Toronto. Generally city buildings consume heavy amounts of energy for cooling and heating during climate change, in such situations this district energy system has a common heating and cooling system with a series of thermal pipes that connect with several buildings in the city. This type of connections helps to reduce the overall energy use per every single building in the city. There are several other adaptations in our very existing society.