Effects of Climate Change

Right now what we are facing is the biggest challenge of all time we have ever seen in climate change. It does not matter what we love nature for, it will be affected one day by climate change. In the past 15 years we have disturbed the balance of our planet by spending lavishly beyond our requirements. We have consumed large amounts of fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil resulting in the heavy release of gases that effect the environment. We have cut large number of trees resulting in deforestation destroying the habitats of animals. Climate change is extreme in both the northern and southern pole of earth. The average temperatures of airs in Arctic have increased to 5°C over the century. Climate change has a huge impact on wildlife. Migrating birds will have to change their places of migration in the season of breeding. Shortage of food is causing a heavy fall in the population of seabirds. Extinction of bird species could be seen with our very own eyes if these climatic changes continue to happen.