Climate Change Risk-Public Awareness

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) gives a solid structure to advance Global Citizenship, through lead ventures, school organizations, the sharing of good practices and thoughts and in addition endless different exercises did at the school, national, provincial and worldwide level. The Associated Schools Network in Egypt is initiating a project titled as “Raising awareness of ASPnet and UNESCO club students on ethical principles in relation to Climate change and Risks”. The Purpose of this project is to adopt the national policies to meet the dangers and risks associated with the changing climates and global warming. To stay connected with the field so as to learn about the upcoming scientific developments. Sharing knowledge and ethics on freshwater use and precautions. To bring to the notice of people of Egypt about the disasters that could happen with changing climate and pollution, and let people know about the impact of these factors on the human life. To initiate the idea of improving plantation to avoid the future coming problems of greenhouse gases effect. To educate people on saving and sharing of food to places affected with severe climatic disasters